Baroque 15mm ECW

It’s been a long time coming, but after my introduction to Baroque for English Civil War battles earlier this year, I was recently able to play a second game.  Rohan had not played before so Paul provided the figures and guided us through the rules.  It was a 700 point game with no particular scenario or historical reference and I choose the Parliament force, leaving Rohan the Royalists.

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Gaslands First Play & Review

Gaslands is a vehicular combat game set in a dystopian future (more Death Race than Mad Max) and primarily design for Matchbox / Hot Wheels or 1/72 scale vehicles.  It was released by Osprey Publishing at the end of 2017 in their familiar ‘pocket money’ priced 64 page softback format.  The game is well supported via it’s own dedicated website which includes free supplementary material, videos, forum, downloads and online store.  There’s an official online vehicle designer application and several other unofficial tools available.  The game does require some special templates, dice and other accessories which can be bought from the official website, via a global network of manufacturers or you can do what I did, and 3D print your own.

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Commands & Colors Napoleonic: Epic Waterloo

This game was played at Western Suburbs Wargame Association on 22nd September 2018.

If you’re going to play Napoleonic wargames with 6mm figures, sooner or later you’re going to end up playing the big one – Waterloo!

Rohan provided his beautifully painted figures and we used the Epic Waterloo scenario for Commands & Colours Napoleonic with four players.  Bernard was the overall Allied commander and I took the Allied right flank around Hougoumont .  Tony and Rohan shared the command of the French opposing us.

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Lord of the Rings SAGA

It was a few months ago now, but earlier this year we had a four player game of SAGA using fan-published battle boards for Lord of the Rings.  The battle boards are available for download from here and were designed for use with the first edition of SAGA so needed some minor adjustments to make them work with the second edition.

It was a four player game with Elves & Rohan facing off against Mordor & Isengard and Tony supplying all the beautifully painted miniatures from his extensive collection.  Each player had eight points of figures and I choose Mordor, mainly because I thought the trolls would be fun to play!

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3D Printed 28mm Panzer IV

At a recent club meeting we were discussing the quality of 3D printed tanks in 28mm scale. There are a lot of freely available print files for 10mm and 15mm scale models which are typically either single piece or small number of pieces but when it comes to larger scales you can’t reliably get a decent level of detail without a multi-part kit.

Following their successful Kickstarter campaign, Canadian company 3D Wargaming have now released a range of 3D printable covering a selection of common WWII and modern vehicles as well as some sci-fi and alternate history ones. I’ve been keen to give What a Tanker a go for a while but don’t currently have any suitable models so I thought it was an ideal opportunity to fire up the printer and have a go and printing the icon Panzer IV to see what the quality was like.

The download for this particular model includes 33 individual STL files and there’s a simple exploded diagram on the publisher’s website but no further instructions so, being in a hurry to set up the print overnight, I just decided to print one of each file which just about fit onto the 20cm x 20cm print bed of my Ultimaker 2+ with a bit of rotating and jiggling around.

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Return to the Frozen City

After a fairly long break, we recently had a three player Frostgrave game at the club to introduce a new player and get back into the swing of things.

We just played a very simple scenario with each player placing three chests and played until they had all been claimed and carried off the table.  The first eight chests all got grabbed pretty quickly and then we had a crazy protracted three way tug of war which involved a lot of Mind Control and Blinding Light spells with very high casting rolls so they were difficult to shake off.  Although it was initially pretty amusing, we really should have had some time limit on the game as none of us wanted to give up the last chest and since it wasn’t part of a campaign, our soldiers were all expendable.

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A Review of “The Anglo-Zulu War” by Dan Mersey

A Wargamer’s Guide to The Anglo-Zulu War
Daniel Mersey
Pen & Sword Military 2017
ISBN: 9781473849556

This title is one of the latest offerings from this excellent series of books which are intended to be a low-cost general introduction for existing wargamers to take up a new historical period, in what I can best describe as the spiritual successor to the Airfix guides from the 70s.

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3D Printed Gaslands Accessories

I’ve been preparing for my imminent first game of Gaslands by 3D printing and painting some of the accessories needed to play the game.  Pretty much all the bits and pieces you could ever want for Gaslands are available as free downloads on Thingiverse so I had a browse around and picked up a few of the items I liked the best to get me started.

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Commands & Colors Napoleonic: Epic Eggmühl

I played my first introductory game of Commands & Colors Napoleonics a few months ago and although I’ve never collected armies for the period, I was excited to have the chance to play a larger game at my local club (Western Suburbs Wargames Association) recently.

Commands & Colors is a hex-based wargame with an elegant card driven command and control mechanism and simple dice system for combat resolution.  It’s published by GMT Games and you can find out more information on the game’s website, where the PDF for the 3rd edition rules are also available as a free download.  Although originally intended for playing on board with plastic blocks to represent units , it also works perfectly on a cloth marked out with hexagons and miniatures for the armies.

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Gangs of Rome Resin Bases

Since I first saw them previewed, I was really excited about the resin fighter and mob cobblestone bases for Gangs of Rome and recently I ordered enough of them to base most of my figures.  I wanted to paint them to roughly match the game’s official terrain mat but didn’t want to spend a lot of time on them as I had a big backlog of figures to paint too!

This is the method I came up with and I’m pretty happy with the results.  The images show the mob bases but I used exactly the same method with the fighter bases – the bigger bases are just easier to photograph as I glue the fighters to their bases before painting them.

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