Christmas 2017 & North Star

Fresh from under the Christmas tree, I have gifts from my lovely wife!  A couple of days after I also got a couple of sets of WWII rules from North Star which I’m interested in trying out next year.



The Christmas haul comprised of:

  • Miniatures based boardgame, Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition which is particularly interesting as it has a strong solo mechanic using a mobile app.  I’ve heard great things about this game, particularly on the Meeples & Miniatures podcast and and magazine reviews so hopefully I’ll be able to try it out before too long as I think it’ll be jumping the queue
  • Achtung Cthulhu! mythos WWII skirmish rules and campaign set from Modiphius
  • Two more titles from Dan Mersey’s starter guide series, this time covering the early Roman Empire and WWII desert campaigns
  • Beer Money card game – I loved the original Lunch Money so had to pick this up too when I chanced upon it in a local games store

Also arriving just after Christmas, I had a replacement parcel from North Star after my original order went missing a couple of months ago.

  • Rommel – WWII rules from Sam Mustafa
  • I Ain’t Been Shot Mum – WWII rules from Too Fat Lardies
  • Giant’s in Miniature 28mm Oda Nobunaga figure

I’ve never really found a satisfactory set of WWII rules so I’m very interested in how these might turn out and have plans for using IABSM for early desert war in 2018.

Finally, the latest issue of Miniature Wargames arrived on the same day.

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