Frostgrave Campaign Final

Today was the final game of our Frostgrave campaign which was a lot of fun and I managed to narrowly win through a massive fluke of killing a marauding giant with a single swing of my wizard’s staff and then basically legging it with some treasure before Dan’s more aggressive warband could catch me.

Early in the game as our wizards enter the table with their warbands following behind and rush toward the ruined temple to search for treasure. Our random deployment meant we opened the table close together which suited Dan’s aggressive warband but my grenade throwing female infantry held them off for long enough for my fast moving rangers and thief to secure treasures and escape.

Totoro the Magnificent slew the randomly appearing giant with his staff. In playtest games the giant had run amok but I was happy to change the script!

Late in the game and my rangers have already left the game with their treasure and Lightfinger the thief is close behind them. Totoro’s apprentice (Fizzle the Barely Competent) protects his master as part of a strategic retreat. Final result was 31 vs 30 points so couldn’t have been much closer and a fitting end to our campaign season.

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