Gangs of Rome Pre-Order

So today I finally gave in to temptation and pre-ordered one of the deals for the new Gangs of Rome game which is launching in January.

For the uninitiated, Gangs of Rome is a new set of rules and a 28mm figure range for recreating vicious gang warfare in ancient Rome from War Banner / Footsore Miniatures and with an extensive accompanying range of MDF scenery kits from Sarissa Precision.  One of the authors, Andy Hobday, has been promoting the game in the media, including recent interviews on the Meeples & Miniatures and Skirmish Supremacy podcasts and there are certainly some very interesting innovations in terms of game mechanics and how the game is being sold.

A free PDF of the rules is available to download for newsletter subscribers and apparently had well over 2,500 downloads since being released a couple of days before Christmas.  The miniatures, accessories and MDF buildings are available to pre-order as discount prices until 8th January from War Banner, Footsore (UK and US), Warlord, North Star and other retailers and is due to start shipping from 20th January.

I expect recreating ancient Rome on the tabletop to be one of my major projects for 2018 so I’ll be posting reviews, modelling articles and game reports throughout the year.

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