Harwood Hobbies Hazmat Team

Over the Christmas break I found a little time to paint up a four person hazmat team from Harwood Hobbies in Canada.

I picked up this set of 28mm metal models as an add-on to one of their previous Kickstarters and they fit the bill when I was looking for a quick, fun group of figures to paint over the holiday season.  They’re available from Harwood Hobbies as part of their Lovecraft Circle range and I would recommend checking them out for some unusual subjects.  I’ve also got some of their Tcho-Tcho, which will nicely fit into my plans for Cthulhu Mythos gaming next year (more on that in the next couple of days).

The figures were nicely sculpted and cast and knowing how awkward it can be to get decent coverage with yellow or orange, I primed the models with Army Painter Barbarian Flesh spray before painting them with Foundry acrylics.




The laptop screen was fun to do with a few different fine liners and I left it separate from the rest of the model until it was finished.


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