Muskets & Tomahawks Refresher

Today I got to play a small ‘refresher’ game of Muskets & Tomahawks – I’d almost forgotten how much fun this game is and how it gives a real flavour of the French Indian Wars. My small force of French regulars were trying to force an engagement with some British regulars and their Indian allies who were hell bent on slaughtering a group of civilians. 

Initial deployments of regulars and civilians (unpainted as I hadn’t expected to need them). Canadian militia and British Indian allies are deployed hidden and represented by markers.

Retrospectively my deployment wasn’t the smartest and the combination of a savage Indian charge followed by some precision musket fire from the British firing line wiped out the fleeing civilians before they could shelter in some nearby woods. 

French regulars form a firing line and attempt to protect the (slowly) fleeing civilians. The cotton balls indicate their black power weapons have fired and need reloading.

Canadian militia (right) are about to finish off attacking Indians but the severely depleted civilians are about to be wiped out by a well timed volley from the British regulars (top). Paul and I were both pretty rusty with the rules but are already looking forward to more games now we’re back in the swing of them.

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