Star Saga First Impressions

Star Saga is the new sci-fi dungeon crawler from Mantic Games and I received the Kickstarter edition of the main game last week and got it on the table for the first time today.





The boxed set comes with a ton of tiles, components, terrain bits and miniatures and a total of 12 missions (three of which form a rules tutorial. The miniatures are all single piece with integral bases in a fairly soft plastic but have a decent amount of detail with only a few bent out of shape and easily fixed with some boiling water. One player controls a small group of elite mercenaries infiltrating a high-tech complex which the other controls the defences of the complex including a never-ending supply of low-grade minions, the occasional ‘boss’ and other defences such as alarm systems. The mechanics are straight forward and intuitive and we’d got the hang of them by the time we played the first introductory mission a couple of times with everything else you need know on the cards.


Mission B and my three mercenaries are already starting to get bogged down by Lisa’s minions. The mercenaries are far tougher than the minions but their advantage quickly gets worn down when they become injured and outnumbered. The Nexus player has interesting decisions to make to manage their resources between the use of special abilities, calling reinforcements and activating minions but the balance of power will swing in their favour if the mercenaries don’t reach their objectives quickly.

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