Kickstarter for 3D Printable Ancient Roman Terrain

Just launched overnight is Jens Najewitz’s latest Kickstarter campaign for 3D printable Ancient Roman terrain.

I’ve backed all of the previous 3D printing projects from Jens and the quality and variety of models has always been excellent so I had no hesitation about jumping onboard this latest project and getting an all-in pledge for a very reasonable EUR 40.00 (approximately AUD 61.00).

The project has only been running for a matter of hours but has already funded and unlocked stretch goals for additional townhouse designs (including a corner building), Limes tower and palisades, gatehouse, round gatehouse and is very close to unlocking a complete fortified wall set, including earthworks.  The conversation on the Kickstarter project and Facebook page is that a full arena set will be one of the future stretch goals and Jens always includes all the stretch goals into the all-in pledge so there’s nothing else to buy at the end of the campaign.

There’s a lot of models here which would be superb for the forthcoming Gangs of Rome (and presumably the project is timed to coincide with the launch) but also for more conventional massed battle wargames in 15mm and other scales.  The STL files are scaled for 20mm figures but I’ve previously scaled his designs down to 10mm and up to 28mm with no problems.

The campaign ends on 1st February and with previous campaigns, Jens has released all the models (including stretch goals) very soon after the end of the campaign so you’re unlikely to be waiting very long for them.

Highly recommended if you own a 3D printer or are considering getting one soon.  For 3D printing beginners, Jens has a Facebook group for backers which is a very friendly and supportive place.

Take me to the project!


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