Mythic Battles Kickstarter Arrives!

Just in case anyone is at all curious about what 29 Kg of board game looks like, here it is!

Mythic Battles: Pantheon was an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign from Monolith (the company behind the Conan board game) for their latest epic game of Greek mythology.

I went ‘all-in’ for this game and expect it to be a major feature of my gaming for several years at least.  The game includes hundreds of miniatures including regular sized troops and heroes right up to some truly huge monsters, gods and titans so it’s likely to take me a very long time indeed to get it all painted.

I’ll be posting some first impressions once I’ve had the chance to have a proper look through a few of the boxes and play a couple of games.  In the meantime, I’d better start selling some other boardgames just to free up shelf space or I’m going to have nowhere to put this lot!


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