Return to Catan

It’s probably been at least three or four years since I last played Settlers of Catan (on the tabletop at least), but I’ve got no idea while I left it for so long after an impromptu five player game on Thursday night.

I won’t describe the mechanics or components of the game as the Catan series is one of the most popular and successful boardgame series of the last twenty years – with good justification too as the simple mechanics allow you to focus on tactics and social interaction and make this a true classic.

Almost by accident, I shot off to an early lead – peaking with 9 victory points while most of the other players only had 3 or 4.  I didn’t play very smartly though and was mercilessly (and justifiably) robbed until I ended up losing after some tense swings back and forth between all the players.  I’m white, bottom left in the photo.  If you’ve not played before (or not recently), do yourself a favour and take a trip to the island of Catan.

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