Sticking my ore in (or in one ore, out the other)

A quick painting job this morning was a set of eight ore hoppers from Curtis Fell’s Ramshackle Games in the UK which I bought very cheaply as part of their Black Friday sale in November.  Ramshackle Games do an eclectic selection of resin miniatures and accessories across fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk and post-apocalyptic ranges and, amazingly, offer free postage worldwide with no minimum order so check them out.  I’ve got a more of their stuff in the painting queue and am also rather taken by their modular jetbikes so might find a use for them in the future.

The models are resin and each one in the set has a slightly different load so they don’t end up looking too uniform.  They will make good scatter terrain for games like Broken Contract (a dystopian sci-fi skirmish game set in a mine) and Deadzone from Mantic Games.

They were washed in soapy water, primed with Army Painter Demonic Yellow spray and then weathered through drybrushing with drab and metal colours and applying various Army Painter washes.

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