Welcome to 2018!

Happy New Year!

It’s time to take stock of my hobby achievements for 2017 and take a look forward to my planned projects for 2018 along with some of the key new releases I’m most anticipating.

In 2017 I did manage to play on a semi-regular basis at both the Nunawading and Western Suburbs gaming clubs and with friends at home.  Now I’ve moved house and I’m much closer to the Western Suburbs club so that will be my main gaming venue in 2018.  I’d also like to play more at home with some people I’ve met through the club, go to more in-store events at Kayjays and try a bit more solo gaming too.  I definitely want to play something every week.

My painting of miniatures was still woefully slow in 2017 so this year I want to try to learn some speed painting techniques and in particular finally get to grips with using an airbrush.  My painting is of a fairly basic standard but with such a huge backlog of models to paint and games to play, the focus will continue to be on output rather than quality.  Last year I made use of a couple of painting services (Fernando Enterprises in Sri Lanka and EZ Painting in the UK) and was very happy with the results so that’s something I’ll be looking at again this year to get more figures on the table.

Part of the reality of having quite such diverse hobby interests is that I buy into projects that end up making little or no progress for decades at a time.  Last year I started selling through old projects in earnest including all my 6mm, and substantial chunks of my 15mm ancients / fantasy / sci-fi and 20mm moderns.  I’ll continue with that this year but be a little more aggressive in my pruning so I expect to be selling off more board games and a lot of my oldhammer collection too to finance the new projects and the use of painting services.

I made a tentative start at writing about my hobby in 2017 via Facebook posts and then right at the end of the year with launching this blog so I want to build on that this year and make the blog a useful resource for new and established miniature gamers.  I made a good start on 3D printing last year, including learning some basic 3D modelling of game accessories so hopefully that will develop further in 2018.

I’ve got a frankly ridiculous backlog of barely started and half-finished existing projects on the go but here’s a list of where I want to make progress in 2018 so it will be interesting to come back to this list in December and see how far I actually got.  In no particular order:

  1. Muskets & Tomahawks (28mm French-Indian War) – I’ve got rules, scenery and a couple of modest sized forces so I’ll be looking to add a few more units and just get some games in, particularly now I know there’s interest at the club
  2. 28mm Samurai – I had around 100 Perry miniatures painted last year and have plenty more figures from the Test of Honour range so these need to make it onto the table in 2018, whether it’s with the actual Test of Honour rules or another set
  3. Blood & Plunder (28mm Pirates) – I got about halfway through my English force in 2017 so need to get that finished along with some French or Spanish for them to fight and some buildings and other scenery.  I’m expecting these to get a lot of action during the Nunawading club’s annual ‘Pirates in September’ event as that was fantastic fun in 2017
  4. Frostgrave (28mm Fantasy)  – The club campaign in 2017 was a lot of fun and something I’d like to repeat with more of the expansion rules this year.  The rules are simple, quick and ideal for three or four player games and I have loads of suitable miniatures and scenery for this
  5. Strange Aeons / Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten (28mm Cthulhu Mythos) – I already have plenty of miniatures for this, they just need painting!
  6. Gloomhaven (Solo / Co-Op Fantasy Boardgame) – This monster sized boardgame arrived just before Christmas and I’m really keen to start playing through the campaign either with a regular group or as a solo game
  7. Warpath (28mm Sci-Fi) – A couple of people at both clubs I go to are keen on this and I have large but mostly unpainted forces available.  I’ll focus on my Marauder army to start with and hope to start getting some games early in the year
  8. The Walking Dead: All Out War (28mm Zombies) – I had all of Wave 1 of this game professionally painted and played a couple of introductory games in 2017 so now looking to build on those and get it on the table more regularly
  9. 20mm WWI & Russian Civil War – I have extensive painted collections and a lot of terrain including trench boards so the centenary year is a great opportunity for them to see action, probably using the Too Fat Lardies rules
  10. Wings of Glory (WW1 Aerial Dogfights) – This was my re-discovery of 2017 and is such an elegant game system that I’ll be looking to get more (pre-painted) planes and try out some bigger games

Phew, that’s a lot of painting and playing to look forward to!  But that’s just some of my existing projects, what are the new releases I’m most looking forward to in 2018?  New projects take a long time to get going to I expect these to be mostly hitting the table in 2019.  Again, in no particular order and squeezing in a couple of games released in December 2017 we have:

  1. SAGA 2nd Edition (28mm Dark Age, etc.) – Due in March, the second edition of SAGA collates the dark age rules, supplements and FAQs into a second edition and promises to expand into new genres including samurai and fantasy.  SAGA’s activation and army characteristic mechanics remain some of the most elegant around so I’m very keen to see how these rules turn out, particular for samurai!
  2. Mythic Battles (Greek Mythology boardgame) – I went all-in on the Kickstarter last year and the game is due to arrive in early January so I’d better clear some shelf space in anticipation of it’s arrival
  3. Gangs of Rome (28mm Roman Skirmish) – I wrote about this new game (due January) in a recent post
  4. Fallout Wasteland Warfare (32mm Post Apocalyptic) – Probably my most anticipated game of 2018 (due May) – I’ll be writing about this one shortly!
  5. Kings of War Vanguard (28mm Fantasy Skirmish) – Due November from Mantic Games, I backed the Kickstarter for the miniatures and scenery but hopefully the rules will be good too and the we should see some interest in this at the club
  6. Planetfall (10mm sci-fi) – Planetfall is one of my all-time favourite games and miniatures lines so I was gutted when Spartan Games went out of business in 2017.  Warcradle Studios picked up the line and I hope this gets a re-release in 2018
  7. 1871 (10mm Franco-Prussian War) – Following a semi-drunken conversation in 2016, I bought a 10mm FPW French army from Pendraken and had thought of using Bloody Big Battles for the rules but now I’m tempted by the newly published 1871 rules instead
  8. A Song of Ice & Fire (28mm Fantasy) – Another Kickstarter from 2017 due for release in April.  Yes, it’s the big battles from Game of Thrones and I know at least one other person for the club has bought into this so I’ll have somebody to play with!
  9. Star Wars Legion (28mm Sci-Fi) – Releasing January, I’m not really a fan of the movie franchise but this game looks excellent and I’m sure will be very popular and have lots of organised play events so I’ll probably be picking this up at some point
  10. Bayonet & Ideology 2nd Ed (10mm Spanish Civil War) – Just out, this second edition has been a long time coming and the grid based approach make that ideally suited to playing via webcam with my game buddies in the UK



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