Dixon Miniatures Ninja

While I was waiting for my Test of Honour Ninjas to arrive, I thought I would have a bit of a practice painting a pack of Dixon Miniatures Ninja that had been languishing in the lead pile for some considerable time.  Painting a miniature all in black is harder than it sounds as a simple coat of black paint will look flat and unrealistic so I knew I needed to try something else.


I started off with a undercoat of Army Painter Matt Black spray and then over the whole miniature I did a heavy drybrush of an extremely dark brown (Foundry Bay Brown 42A), including working into any spots I missed with the spray can.  On the clothing I then applied a light drybrush of a fairly dark blue-gray colour (Foundry Night Sky 62A).  Finally I picked out the details like the faces, hands, weapons and sandals before finishing the base.

Overall I’m pleased with the quick and easy tabletop standard paint job which provides some contrast and depth to the miniatures without losing the overall effect of being almost totally black.

The new Test of Honour Ninjas arrived from Warlord just as I was finishing them off and I plan to use the same technique on them.  The Dixon figures are considerably cheaper than the Warlord ones and have a nice variety of poses and equipment types but they do have some exaggerated features (particularly their hands) which do make them look somewhat cartoon-like in comparison.



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