Invisible Bones

While searching through the lead mountain for something a bit different to paint, I came across a set of five invisible heroes from the Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter and thought I would give them a go as they might come in handy for Frostgrave as replacement models for temporarily invisible characters.  The figures are manufactured in a soft and transparent plastic.

Being very soft, the figures were quite bent out of shape in places, particularly the long thin weapons.  Bending the offending parts will just result in them springing back into place so I tried a technique I’d used before of placing them in boiling water for about a minute which should reset the plastic back to it’s original shape then dropping them into very chilled water to fix them in place.  Fortunately my wife was away for the weekend so I was free to undertake my ‘cooking’ project.  I’m not sure of the correct term, but the long metal implement in the photo was ideal for the purpose.

With the figures prepared, I based them and decorated the bases with a few small items from Zealout Miniature‘s extensive Twisting Catacombs range.  I used Vallejo surface primer for the base and then painted it normally.  For the figures, I wanted to add some element of colour but wasn’t quite sure how best to go about it.  I’d previously seen on the Reaper forums a few people who had ink washed the whole models in solid colours but that just made them look like armed gummy bears so I didn’t feel that really worked.  In the end I just did some slight highlights on a few parts of the models such as the edges of cloaks and blades but that didn’t really work either.  I varnished the bases with a brush and left the models unvarnished as I suspected the varnish would cloud the models (although retrospectively that might have been a good thing?).

I’m not very happy with the finished models so please comment below if you’ve managed an effective paint job on them or spotted one online somewhere.

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