Star Wars Legion Unboxing

I have to confess that I’ve never been a huge fan of the Star Wars movie franchise (except maybe “The Empire Strikes Back”) but yet the new Star Wars Legion miniatures game was still on my list of most anticipated games for 2018 and I picked up the core set of on the day after release. This wasn’t due to amazing reviews of the models or rules but simply because I’ve got a history of buying into games (in terms of both cost and effort) that are a bit obscure and then struggling to find regular opponents and if there’s one thing that’s for certain about this game, it’s that I won’t be short of people to play with in the immediate future.

The core set has a retail price of AUD 150 and is available online for around AUD 130 but I picked up mine from my FLGS, Kayjay’s.

Opening up the box you’ll find a “Learn to Play” booklet, a shrink-wrapped sheet of press-out tokens, a couple of packs of cards and lots of bags of plastic accessories and miniatures. There’s not a huge load of content for your $150 and it doesn’t compare favourably with US retail price of $89.95 (about AUD 117) but that’s par for the course unfortunately. Once the post release day (22/03/2018) hype dies down a little, prices will inevitably come down a little over time.

The “Learn to Play” booklet is 32 pages of rules and hobby advice and includes numerous photos of painted miniatures and diagrams throughout. A full PDF of the booklet is free to download from the Fantasy Flight website and there also also another free PDF of a 50-page reference book to download. Until I’ve played the game, I won’t comment further on the rules and would encourage anyone curious to download them and have a look for themselves. One important thing to note is that while some retailer websites indicate the game is for 1 or 2 players, the Fantasy Flight website and the game box itself list it as being for 2 players and I’ve not seen any reference to solo play in the rules. The rulebook downloads don’t include any cards so wouldn’t be enough to play the game on their own without having to resort to hunting them down online and printing them yourself.

The tokens are heavy duty (2mm thick) cardboard and punched out very cleanly.

The dice are a mixture of six and eight sided, all with custom symbols on the faces rather than numbers. I’ve been reliably informed that there aren’t really enough dice in the box meaning you will have to re-roll them during play but fortunately (?) packs of extra dice are available.

Three sizes of two piece measuring gadgets are provided and these slot into vehicle bases. A four part range ruler is also included and again you would probably want two since there are two players and luckily (?) you can also buy extras but since the range ruler is in 6″ sections you could just as easily use a tape measure of a couple of normal rulers if you didn’t fancy shelling out for another set.

Some basic scenery items are included in the form of eight different barricades (68mm wide, 28mm high) in thick plastic with four each of two slightly different designs. These are study but a little underwhelming, being pretty much all the same.

The plastic bases for the miniatures are on the chunky side, being about 4.5mm high with a slightly textured surface. They have sloped sides and the infantry bases are 25mm in diameter across the top, speeder bikes are 48mm in diameter and the AT-RT is 68mm. Rebel bases are an earthy brown colour and the imperial bases a suitably sombre grey.

Four types of cards are provided – Unit cards (8), Command Cards (14), Battle Cards (12) and Upgrade Cards (35). The cards are pretty sturdy but for those who like to sleeve their cards, you’ll need 34 Standard sized card sleeves (63.5mm x 88mm) and 35 Mini American size (41mm x 63mm).

So that just leaves the 33 multi-part unpainted plastic miniatures:

  • Eight stormtroopers armed with E-11 Blaster Rifles (four poses)
  • Two DLT -19 armed stormtroopers (one pose)
  • Two HH-12 armed strormtroopers (one pose)
  • Two stormtrooper unit leaders (one pose)
  • One 74-Z Speeder bike
  • One 74-Z Speeder bike unit leader
  • One Darth Vader
  • Eight Rebel troopers armed with A-280 Blaster Rifles (four poses)
  • Two MPL-57 Ion armed Rebel troopers (one pose)
  • Two Z-6 armed Rebel troopers (one pose)
  • Two Rebel trooper unit leaders (one pose)
  • One AT-RT with three weapon options (laser cannon, flamethrower and rotary blaster)
  • One Luke Skywalker

All the miniatures are sprueless and supplied bagged up by their poses. They are made of a light grey coloured plastic and while the vehicles are hard plastic, the infantry are a slightly softer material so some parts like weapon barrels might require some hot water to straighten them out if they have bent out of shape.

Infantry figures are two, three or four pieces and have shaped pins and sockets so can only fit together one way and the couple I tried clipped together with no issues at all. The vehicles are a bit more fiddly with 12 or 13 parts each and the AT-RT also has an extra two weapon options. The AT-RT weapon options don’t just slot in so you’re probably going to want to magnetise them rather than gluing them in place. All the miniatures need gluing to their bases so some basic assembly is going to be required before you can try the game out.

The miniatures are nicely sculpted, well detailed and definitely on the chunky side so if you’ve been hoarding West End Game’s metal miniatures from the 80s to play this game, they’re going to be absolutely dwarfed by these. Heights vary between the poses but the Rebel trooper I selected at random was 33mm from foot to eye or 42mm from bottom of the base to the top of the head while the stormtrooper was 36mm and 45mm respectively. I’ve not played it myself, but I believe the miniatures are not the same scale as those included in Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

If the contents of the core box isn’t enough to keep you going, there are already plenty of additional products available.

Available now are all the plastic accessories and miniatures from the core box individually but if you’re considering getting a few of these, do yourself a favour and just get a second core boxed set as it will be a lot better value.

Other current and forthcoming expansions include:

I’ll be posting again as I work through the miniatures in the boxed set and play a few games.

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