Star Wars Legion: Painting Stormtroopers

Over the weekend I finally managed to get my first figures painted for Star Wars Legion – two units of Stormtroopers from the core game.

I basically followed sorastro’s excellent video painting guide, which I would highly recommend taking a look at.

I prepared and painted the figures without their arms attached and only assembled them just before varnishing the finished models.  I did have the sets of arms neatly piled up next to their corresponding torsos but then I managed to drop them all and get them muddled up so I’m not really 100% sure that I ended up matching the arms to the correct torso.  Speaking of arms, it was necessary to straighten out the DLT-19 barrel in some very hot water as it was initially at a rather jaunty angle. There were some fairly heavy mould lines to remove and as always, I spotted more during the painting process!

All the models were glued to their bases and then had Reeves Coarse Texture Gel applied before being undercoated in Citadel Corax White spray, which is essentially a very pale grey colour.  The armour sections were drybrushed in a pure white colour and then I used a 0.3mm grey fine liner to bring out the larger raised plates of armour and create some additional shadow.   All the armour joints (hip, shoulder, elbow, groin and knee), gloves, DLT-19 trooper’s backpack and front band across the helmet were painted in charcoal black (Foundry 34B) with a lighter grey (Foundry 34C) being used for the holster and other helmet detailing.  All the weapons were done in Army Painter Machine Gun Metal with a wash of GW Nuln Oil.  A few other colours were picked out including some detailing on the DLT-19 trooper’s backpack, helmet stripes and unit leader’s pauldron (shoulder armour).

With the painting complete, I attached the arms, applied a light wash of Army Painter Mud Brown around the feet and lower legs, flocked the bases and varnished with Army Painter Matt Varnish spray.  The photos show the figures after this first coat of varnish and I’m also considering applying a selective satin varnish to the breastplates to make them stand out a little.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the process and outcome of painting these – which is a good job as if I stick with this game, I’m likely to need quite a few more!  I’ve got my first game lined up for early May so I need to press on and get the rest of the core box before then.

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