SAGA Vikings vs Normans (6 Points)

It’s been a while since our first try of SAGA 2nd Edition, but at the club today Rohan and I went back for a second game, this time at the standard size of 6 points. As before, I took Normans and Rohan Vikings and we just played the basic “Clash of Warlords” scenario from the new rulebook.

I still haven’t got round to re-basing the large collection of Normans I bought last year so I’m a bit limited for options so I went with 24x levy bows, 8x warrior crossbows, 8x mounted warriors and 8x mounted hearthguard with a standard warlord. Vikings have very few options so Rohan chose 32x warriors, 4x berserkers and the legendary warlord, Ragnar Lothbrok who benefits from Resilience (2), grants Determined units within S at the start of the Activation phase and generates two SAGA dice instead of one.

I still haven’t got round to finishing off the bases for some of these figures – must try harder!

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Four Against Darkness: Cave of the Kobold Slave-Masters

Having completed my first game of Four Against Darkness, all four of my characters had survived (Warrior Level 1, Cleric Level 2, Wizard Level 2, Elf Level 2) and a modicum of loot acquired.  Rather than playing through another procedurally generated dungeon, I thought I would try my hand at one of the available narrative mini campaigns and so bought Cave of the Kobold Slave-Masters as a PDF from Wargame Vault for the princely sum of USD 2.00 (about GBP 1.48 / AUD 2.66).

The 21 page PDF is a three part mini campaign aimed at four level 1-2 characters so was ideal for my existing party, although there are also notes about modifying the scenarios to cater for a couple of level 3 characters.  I played the whole campaign in a single sitting of about four hours but I could just has easily split the game into three (or more) sessions.  You do get certain opportunities to rest, heal and resupply between each chapter.

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