Frontline Gaming Tundra Mat

I was recently looking to expand my collection of gaming mats as I mainly have 3′ x 3′ and 4′ x 3′ but really wanted at least a few different designs of 6′ x 4′ mats for larger games.  Many of the popular brands of gaming mats come from the US or Europe and are expensive and slow to arrive when buying directly so I had a look round for a local manufacturer or distributor and came across Frontline Gaming in Queensland.

Quite a few of their designs were out of stock, but I picked out a 6′ x 4′ Tundra mat, priced at AU $120.00, with an extra $20.00 for shipping.  I placed the order late on a Tuesday night and it was delivered to me in Melbourne the next Tuesday.



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Four Against Darkness: Buried Secrets

Buried Secrets

Just released a couple of days ago (19th June 2018) from Ganesha Games is the first of their new series of supplements for Four Against Darkness (4AD), The Gathering of the Four.  This new series will follow a different format to the previous supplements – four adventures each designed for a single level 3 character which have a more traditional narrative solo gamebook approach (i.e. numbered paragraphs) followed by a finale where all four characters adventure together.

This first book in the series, Buried Secrets, follows the adventures of the female cleric Rubria.  A copy of the core Four Against Darkness rules are required to play the game and as well as the usual dice, you’ll also need a standard deck of playing cards.  I picked up the supplement as a PDF for a couple of pounds via Wargames Vault but it is also available directly from Ganesha.  It was written by Victor Jarmusz and edited by Andrea Sfiligoi, who also did many of the illustrations.

The book is 34 pages including the full colour front and back covers.  There are some Black and white drawings and cartography but most of the pages are taken up by the numbered paragraphs that make up the adventure.

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SAGA Anglo-Danes

I met up with a friend for a game of SAGA last weekend and we tried something a bit different by playing with each other’s armies.

It was a four point game with Paul using my Normans (Mounted Warlord, 8x Mounted Hearthguard, 8x Mounted Warriors, 12x Levy with Bows) while I had Anglo-Danes (Warlord with Dane Axe, 4x Hearthguard, 16x Warriors, 12x Levy Bows).  We played the standard scenario from the back of the latest rulebook (I really hope they hurry up with the Book of Battles supplement) with the added twists of some units starting with a point of fatigue and deployment across a diagonal.

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Little Wars Melbourne 2018

Little Wars is one of Melbourne’s premier tabletop wargames events, hosted annually on a Saturday at the end of May or Start of June – although it was on hiatus in 2017.  Last weekend I was fortunate to be able to visit the show for the third time but due to other commitments on the day, I could only manage to stay for an hour so it was a bit of a madcap visit where I tried to cram in catching up with friends, shopping and looking at some of the great games on display.

The Venue is Kingston City Hall in Moorabbin (not far outside the Melbourne CBD).  There is free parking under and in front of the venue and usually additional parking at the nearby train station and other locations within a short walk.  However, on the day of the show, there was a replacement bus service operating which meant that many spaces outside the venue and in the railway station were out of action, causing some disruption.  The venue itself is well lit and airy with plenty of space all on one level, although a stage area is up a few stairs.  Entry was by gold coin donation and there were plenty of friendly and helpful people to direct  you to the right place.  I didn’t use it this year, but there was a food truck outside and coffee available downstairs.

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