Frontline Gaming Tundra Mat

I was recently looking to expand my collection of gaming mats as I mainly have 3′ x 3′ and 4′ x 3′ but really wanted at least a few different designs of 6′ x 4′ mats for larger games.  Many of the popular brands of gaming mats come from the US or Europe and are expensive and slow to arrive when buying directly so I had a look round for a local manufacturer or distributor and came across Frontline Gaming in Queensland.

Quite a few of their designs were out of stock, but I picked out a 6′ x 4′ Tundra mat, priced at AU $120.00, with an extra $20.00 for shipping.  I placed the order late on a Tuesday night and it was delivered to me in Melbourne the next Tuesday.



The mat was well packaged and comes in a it’s own carry case, which is something many other manufacturers charge you for.  There’s a hard plastic tag on the end of the bag with the name and a swatch of the design which is a nice touch if you have several different mats.

The mat is printed on 2mm thick ‘mousepad’ material so lays perfectly flat on the table and won’t slide around.  The only downside of this material is that it does have a bit of a smell but hopefully that will fade over time.  The design is vivid and detailed and the sight graininess visible on the photos is not really apparent when the mat is in use.

Since ordering, I’ve noticed that Mighty Ape now also have a limited selection of these mats available for pre-order at a similar price.

I’m expecting the mat to get its first outing this weekend and once Frontline have more designs back in stock, I’ll probably pick up another one or two of them.

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