Little Wars Melbourne 2018

Little Wars is one of Melbourne’s premier tabletop wargames events, hosted annually on a Saturday at the end of May or Start of June – although it was on hiatus in 2017.  Last weekend I was fortunate to be able to visit the show for the third time but due to other commitments on the day, I could only manage to stay for an hour so it was a bit of a madcap visit where I tried to cram in catching up with friends, shopping and looking at some of the great games on display.

The Venue is Kingston City Hall in Moorabbin (not far outside the Melbourne CBD).  There is free parking under and in front of the venue and usually additional parking at the nearby train station and other locations within a short walk.  However, on the day of the show, there was a replacement bus service operating which meant that many spaces outside the venue and in the railway station were out of action, causing some disruption.  The venue itself is well lit and airy with plenty of space all on one level, although a stage area is up a few stairs.  Entry was by gold coin donation and there were plenty of friendly and helpful people to direct  you to the right place.  I didn’t use it this year, but there was a food truck outside and coffee available downstairs.

The main area of the hall (in front of the stage) contained about twenty games, almost all of which were designed for visitors to play and on the whole looked fantastic.  Around the edges and in front of the stage were about fifteen local and regional traders with a mix of new and used goodies on sale.  Finally, the whole stage area was taken up by a large bring-and-buy area which was packed for the whole time I was there and had many bargains on offer (more of which later on).

I only took a few photos of games due to time constraints and also because some of them had large crowds around them.  One of the best games was a Blade Runner style skirmish put on by the Nunawading Wargames Association complete with working light displays which unfortunately didn’t come out at all well so I would recommended checking out their Facebook album for Little Wars for some great photos and more information about the club and their games.

So in no particular order, here are a few snaps of a few games that caught my eye.

Wings of Glory WWI Dog-fighting:

Hail Caesar 28mm Ancients:

Epic 40K:

DBA with large scale figures (75mm?):

Wild Geese 20mm Moderns:

Warhammer 40K:

The other part of the day was a very quick shopping trip.  I didn’t buy a single thing I had intended too but did make quite a few impulse purchases from the Bring & Buy tables.

On the rules front, I picked up “Regiment of Foote” by Peter Pig Games from Mick’s Metal Models which is a set of English Civil War rules designed to be played on a fairly small table (4′ x 3′) dived into 6″ squares and geared around narrative games.  The attraction of this playing surface as that it makes it very suited for playing over the internet via a webcam with my friends in the UK.  I’ve got quite a few painted and unpainted 10mm ECW figures and while I’m also keen to play more Baroque, you can’t have too many rules – right?

Square Basing is another grid-based ruleset from Peter Pig, this time covering WWI.  This is the previous edition but it was used copy selling very cheaply so I thought I would have a look before deciding whether to take the plunge with the latest edition.

Brutal and A Right Bloody Mess both came from Eureka Miniatures.  Brutal is a supplement for Tribal from Mana Press which adds rules for gunpowder and loads of new warband types – I’ll do a proper write-up of Tribal in another post.

Finally, A Right Bloody Mess is a sourcebook for gaming a fictional Australian Civil War in the 1930s.  It’s a beautifully produced book and I’ll post about this in the future.

Finally, I picked up a lot wonderfully painted miniatures from the bring and buy tables.

The Thing, 28mm horrors and arctic explorers

54mm painted plastic sci-fi figures (no idea what I’m going to do with them but they look fantastic!)

10mm Warmaster Empire Army

10mm Warmaster Orc Army (re-based for Sword & Spear so I going to re-re-base them back to Warmaster and sabot bases for Sword & Spear!)

Finally, a selection of random miniatures at $2 each – bargain!

Overall, a great day out and I’m just disappointed to have only been there for such a short amount of time.  I’ll definitely be back in 2019 and you can find out more about the show from their Facebook page.


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