Gangs of Rome Resin Bases

Since I first saw them previewed, I was really excited about the resin fighter and mob cobblestone bases for Gangs of Rome and recently I ordered enough of them to base most of my figures.  I wanted to paint them to roughly match the game’s official terrain mat but didn’t want to spend a lot of time on them as I had a big backlog of figures to paint too!

This is the method I came up with and I’m pretty happy with the results.  The images show the mob bases but I used exactly the same method with the fighter bases – the bigger bases are just easier to photograph as I glue the fighters to their bases before painting them.


  • For the mob bases only, I ran a scalpel around the inside of the individual figure slots just to enlarge them a little as some of them were a bit tight as they were supplied.  Three of four times around seemed to do the trick and loosen the fit nicely
  • Next, as with all resin items, I washed them in warm soapy water, rinsed and allowed time for them to completely dry (image 1)
  • I then sprayed the bases with Army Painter Leather Brown coloured primer.  All their sprays have exact colour match dropper bottles for any touch-ups that might be required (image 2)
  • Taking a close look at the gaming mat, I could see that some of the stones were picked out in blue-grey and terracotta colours so I selected a couple of suitable paints (Foundry Night Sky 62C and Foundry Brick Red 59C) and picked out some of the cobbles with each, being careful to leave the spray primer showing through for the gaps between the cobbles
  • The remainder of the cobbles were all individually painted with Foundry Raw Linen 30B which was the longest process of the bases (image 3)
  • Next I gave the whole base a fairly heavy drybrush of a lighter shade of the base cobbles – Foundry Raw Linen 30C (image 4)
  • To dull everything down a little and break up the surface of the more protruding cobbles, I gave everything a light wash of Army Painter Mid Brown tone (image 5)
  • The final painting stage was a light drybrush of Foundry 30C again, particularly along the edges of the protruding cobbles (image 6)
  • Army Painter matt varnish spray was then used to seal the bases ready for use

It took a couple of hours to get six mob bases done, now I just have thirty figures to paint to fill them up!



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