3D Printed 28mm Panzer IV

At a recent club meeting we were discussing the quality of 3D printed tanks in 28mm scale. There are a lot of freely available print files for 10mm and 15mm scale models which are typically either single piece or small number of pieces but when it comes to larger scales you can’t reliably get a decent level of detail without a multi-part kit.

Following their successful Kickstarter campaign, Canadian company 3D Wargaming have now released a range of 3D printable covering a selection of common WWII and modern vehicles as well as some sci-fi and alternate history ones. I’ve been keen to give What a Tanker a go for a while but don’t currently have any suitable models so I thought it was an ideal opportunity to fire up the printer and have a go and printing the icon Panzer IV to see what the quality was like.

The download for this particular model includes 33 individual STL files and there’s a simple exploded diagram on the publisher’s website but no further instructions so, being in a hurry to set up the print overnight, I just decided to print one of each file which just about fit onto the 20cm x 20cm print bed of my Ultimaker 2+ with a bit of rotating and jiggling around.

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Return to the Frozen City

After a fairly long break, we recently had a three player Frostgrave game at the club to introduce a new player and get back into the swing of things.

We just played a very simple scenario with each player placing three chests and played until they had all been claimed and carried off the table.  The first eight chests all got grabbed pretty quickly and then we had a crazy protracted three way tug of war which involved a lot of Mind Control and Blinding Light spells with very high casting rolls so they were difficult to shake off.  Although it was initially pretty amusing, we really should have had some time limit on the game as none of us wanted to give up the last chest and since it wasn’t part of a campaign, our soldiers were all expendable.

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A Review of “The Anglo-Zulu War” by Dan Mersey

A Wargamer’s Guide to The Anglo-Zulu War
Daniel Mersey
Pen & Sword Military 2017
ISBN: 9781473849556

This title is one of the latest offerings from this excellent series of books which are intended to be a low-cost general introduction for existing wargamers to take up a new historical period, in what I can best describe as the spiritual successor to the Airfix guides from the 70s.

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3D Printed Gaslands Accessories

I’ve been preparing for my imminent first game of Gaslands by 3D printing and painting some of the accessories needed to play the game.  Pretty much all the bits and pieces you could ever want for Gaslands are available as free downloads on Thingiverse so I had a browse around and picked up a few of the items I liked the best to get me started.

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