3D Printed Gaslands Accessories

I’ve been preparing for my imminent first game of Gaslands by 3D printing and painting some of the accessories needed to play the game.  Pretty much all the bits and pieces you could ever want for Gaslands are available as free downloads on Thingiverse so I had a browse around and picked up a few of the items I liked the best to get me started.

First up was a set of the movement templates published by sablebadger which came out beautifully in two batches.  I decided to liven them up a bit with a quick paintjob with a spray of matt black primer and then an overpaint of Foundry gunmetal 104C.  An “overpaint” uses more paint than drybrushing but (theoretically) still not enough to get into the engraved detail so that is still going to be clearly readable in black – I did need a fine liner to tidy up a couple of bits though.   Everything then had a wash of GW Nuln Oil and I picked out the gear selectors with Foundry paints before giving everything a coat of cheapo glass varnish from Aldi.  I’m really pleased with how these came out and they’re essential for the game so will get a lot of use.

Next up were various dice and tokens, also from the same publisher.  The tokens came out well and just had a simple paint job and varnish to get them looking good.  The dice were more problematic as the bottom face doesn’t really come out properly on a 3D printer and I’m not convinced they will be properly weighted so if I’m likely to play regularly, I’ll probably shell out for some proper dice or failing that some blank ones I can draw on.

Finally I printed four sets of death race gates from tabletop-terrain as these were my favourites out of the many designs available, particular as the designer also produces a useful accessories to customise them further.  Designer joseanes also did a remix with a baseplate and gate numbers which I added to the base model.  They came our perfectly and had a basecoat of Army Painter Plate Mail spray primer, and some numbers attached.  I’ve got more work to do to finish these off, including some more decoration but they’re a good start for now.

Also in my print queue for Gaslands are billboards, raceway barriers, scatter terrain, dropped weapons templates and weapons for conversions but first it’s time for a game!

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