Lord of the Rings SAGA

It was a few months ago now, but earlier this year we had a four player game of SAGA using fan-published battle boards for Lord of the Rings.  The battle boards are available for download from here and were designed for use with the first edition of SAGA so needed some minor adjustments to make them work with the second edition.

It was a four player game with Elves & Rohan facing off against Mordor & Isengard and Tony supplying all the beautifully painted miniatures from his extensive collection.  Each player had eight points of figures and I choose Mordor, mainly because I thought the trolls would be fun to play!

Each Troll costs one point and up to four can form a unit of levy so they didn’t generate SAGA dice and were fairy hard to activate but with six attack dice each, needing three hits to kill each figure and a ranged attack, they were a potent force.  Unfortunately the Rohan battleboard has a Melee activity which can remove two levy figures from a combat with a mounted unit so their glorious rampage was rather short-lived.   Meanwhile my Warg riders performed a flanking manoeuvre but got bogged down in a wood so didn’t do much better.  In the end the forces of good triumphed fairly decisively – boo!  The first edition compatible battle boards did cause some problems but overall it was a fun game.

We’ve not tried them, but another fan set of battle boards are available here and include more armies, notably Harad and the Easterlings – two of my personal favourites.  Hopefully one of these sets of battle boards will get updated to second edition but, more excitingly, Studio Tomahawk have just started to preview their generic fantasy ‘universe’ supplement Age of Magic which is tentatively scheduled for release in April 2019.  An official fantasy supplement and the forthcoming samurai supplement together with the existing dark ages universe will go a long way to cementing the position of Saga as my go-to set of big skirmish wargames rules across multiple settings.

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