Welcome to Big Pommie Dave where I, your eponymous blogger, share my experiences of the rich and varied hobby of tabletop gaming.  I mainly play tabletop wargames (a fancy name for toy soldiers) but I also dabble in board games from time to time and occasionally other sorts of analogue games.  I do play video games every now and then but there’s plenty of material out there for them so I won’t be posting about them unless they directly cross over with a tabletop game for some reason.

I aim to post regularly and the kind of content you can expect to see includes:

  • Reviews of new games, books, miniatures and related paraphernalia as I get them
  • Progress on my painting and model making projects
  • Reports on games I play
  • General musings on particular aspects of the hobby
  • Information on clubs, shops & events local to me in Melbourne

The best place to get started is the menu on the right which has links to recent posts, archives and post categories.  Over time I’ll fill out the menu along the top with pages that act as a hub for certain games so you can easily find all the content related to them.  In the meantime, you can search for specific games too.

There are lots of opportunities to interact – including liking posts or commenting on them, sharing them on social media, contacting me to ask a question or subscribing to receive updates by email.  Without feedback I won’t know what sort of posts are of most interest to people so I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

For anyone confused about the name of the blog, pom or pommie is Australian slang for a British person and since I was born in the UK and have only lived in Australia for a few years – that’s exactly what I am.

The rather disturbing miniature pictured on the masthead was originally produced by Comfy Chair Games for their skirmish rules Spinespur but now manufactured by Rebel Minis in the US.  Should you wish to impress your friends by owning one yourself, he is available from their webstore.  The map he’s standing on is a 1980s edition of Axis & Allies.


AKA Big Pommie Dave

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