Factious Waste Kickstarter

Factious Waste KickstarterOakbound Studios from the UK are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a printed rulebook for their narrative post-apocalyptic skirmish game, Factious Waste.

I picked up the PDF version of the rules just before Christmas and was very impressed by their quality, originality and presentation.  One particular noteworthy feature is that they don’t include any randomisation at all (dice, cards, etc.) so the gameplay is purely tactical, with strong gang customisation and advancement elements.

The illustrated 200-page softback book is available for just £20 and there’s also a £30 gamer pledge level which includes a growing number of stretch goals which already includes and art print and a set of wonderful resin objective markers from Fogou Models.  The campaign will run until 3rd April and there are more stretch goal freebies still to unlock so please do check it out.  Tucked away at the bottom of the page, is the option to add any of their current range of 28mm metal post-apocalyptic figures for £10 for 5 – I’ve currently only got one of the miniatures so I’m taking the opportunity to pick up the rest of the range at a substantial discount.  Geoff Sims (the project’s creator) is very approachable and the Kickstarter page and Oakbound Facebook page currently have an active discussion about what wasteland characters Geoff might sculpt next.

The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Arrives

Way back in July 2016 I backed a Kickstarter campaign for a 1-4 player boardgame of The Walking Dead TV series from Cryptozoic Entertainment and (rather belatedly) it arrived this week in all its shrink-wrapped glory.

I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead so was originally very much looking forward to this release but since backing the Kickstarter, I’ve started playing the other Walking Dead game (based on the comics) by Mantic Games – The Walking Dead All Out War and very much enjoying it, not least because it’s a true miniatures game rather than a board game.  Combined with the large number of Kickstarter-published board games I’ve been acquiring lately, I think that I might be selling this one off rather than keeping it but the jury is still out on that decision for the moment!


Kensei: Wako vs Namban Kickstarter

Yesterday Spanish games company Zenit Miniatures launched their latest Kickstarter campaign to expand their 32mm scale fantasy samurai game Kensei with two new factions: Wako pirates and Namban European forces.

Having backed their two most recent Kickstarters for warmachines and printed rulebooks and undead samuari, I’m familiar with the quality of their models (all cast in metal) and their reliability at delivering pledges so was happy to back them again for these interesting ranges.  In addition to being used to play Kensei, the Wako pirates would fit in nicely with my Test of Honour collection and the Namban for Spain’s conquest of the New World.

The Kickstarter campaign ends early on 5th March (Australian time) and has already funded and made the first couple of stretch goals so is well worth checking out.  At the time of writing, a number of slightly discounted “early bird” pledge levels were still available.   I’ve been reading through the Kensei and Torii rules from Zenit and will be posting reviews of them at a later date.


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