Back in the Saddle Again, Part I (Deadlands RPG)

The last time I regularly played a tabletop role-playing game was probably 1991.   Back in those days the school holidays seemed to last forever and I gamed very regularly with multiple groups of friends.  RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, Judge Dredd and Dragon Warriors were some of our favourite games and at times it felt like we devoted every waking moment to exploring a myriad of new and exciting worlds in our imaginations.

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Keeping Tally

With so many exceptional miniatures and engaging games being released all the time and the falling costs of multi-part plastic figures, you can see how it’s possible to end up with a ‘lead mountain’ of untouched or part-finished projects through a process of accumulating new toys at a faster rate than it’s possible to assemble and paint them.  Miniatures haven’t been made of lead for years now but the term is more catchy than HIPS hill, resin rise, alloy alp, polyurethane pile, etc. so has stuck.

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