Gangs of Rome Arrives!

Gangs of Rome was a game I highlighted on my list of new releases I was most excited about for 2018 and having pre-ordered it just after Christmas (and despite some shipping issues) it finally arrived this week – apart from the game mat which is still AWOL.

In this post I’ll go through all the physical components of the game and discuss how they are packaged and their production qualities.  In later posts I’ll review the rules in depth, show my progress with building and painting the miniatures and scenery and provide after action game reports, but in the meantime let’s see what’s arrived in the pre-order.

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The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Arrives

Way back in July 2016 I backed a Kickstarter campaign for a 1-4 player boardgame of The Walking Dead TV series from Cryptozoic Entertainment and (rather belatedly) it arrived this week in all its shrink-wrapped glory.

I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead so was originally very much looking forward to this release but since backing the Kickstarter, I’ve started playing the other Walking Dead game (based on the comics) by Mantic Games – The Walking Dead All Out War and very much enjoying it, not least because it’s a true miniatures game rather than a board game.  Combined with the large number of Kickstarter-published board games I’ve been acquiring lately, I think that I might be selling this one off rather than keeping it but the jury is still out on that decision for the moment!


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