3D Printed Gaslands Accessories

I’ve been preparing for my imminent first game of Gaslands by 3D printing and painting some of the accessories needed to play the game.  Pretty much all the bits and pieces you could ever want for Gaslands are available as free downloads on Thingiverse so I had a browse around and picked up a few of the items I liked the best to get me started.

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Gangs of Rome Resin Bases

Since I first saw them previewed, I was really excited about the resin fighter and mob cobblestone bases for Gangs of Rome and recently I ordered enough of them to base most of my figures.  I wanted to paint them to roughly match the game’s official terrain mat but didn’t want to spend a lot of time on them as I had a big backlog of figures to paint too!

This is the method I came up with and I’m pretty happy with the results.  The images show the mob bases but I used exactly the same method with the fighter bases – the bigger bases are just easier to photograph as I glue the fighters to their bases before painting them.

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Star Wars Legion: Painting Speeder Bikes

Following on from my freshly painted stormtroopers, I moved to the two Imperial Speeder Bikes from the Star Wars Legion core boxed set.

I have to say that these were really a lot of fun to paint!  I loosely followed Sorastro’s excellent tutorial video but since I mainly use Foundry Paint System rather than Citadel paints, the method isn’t identical.

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Star Wars Legion: Barricades

While Facebook seems full to bursting with people posting pictures of the Star Wars Legion core sets they’ve completely painted over the launch weekend, my own progress has been somewhat more modest as all I’ve managed so far is the set of eight barricades.  They were very simple to paint and at least I can say that I’ve made a start on the core set!

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Test of Honour: Ninjas of Iga

Ninjas of Iga is the most recent expansion for Test of Honour to be released by Warlord Games.  The expansion contains 7x 28mm metal miniatures, a rules booklet, 10x 25mm round bases, 2x Test of Honour group bases, and 18x new cards and is priced at GBP 27.50

Having assembled and painted the models, I had a look through the new rules and cards to see how they could be used in the game.

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4Ground 10mm Sci-Fi Scenery Kits

North Star in the UK recently had a sale on the 4Ground range of pre-coloured MDF kits and since I didn’t already own any and I’m sucker for 10mm sci-fi (Dropzone Commander, Planetfall, etc.) I picked up a few before they sold out.

4Ground deservedly have a reputation for some of the most innovative and detailed MDF kits on the market and while they’re also the most expensive, being pre-coloured generally makes them pretty quick to get on the table.  This particular range, named Jesseri, was designed as a direct replacement for the cardboard city sets available for Dropzone Commander.

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Dixon Miniatures Ninja

While I was waiting for my Test of Honour Ninjas to arrive, I thought I would have a bit of a practice painting a pack of Dixon Miniatures Ninja that had been languishing in the lead pile for some considerable time.  Painting a miniature all in black is harder than it sounds as a simple coat of black paint will look flat and unrealistic so I knew I needed to try something else.


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