Gaslands First Play & Review

Gaslands is a vehicular combat game set in a dystopian future (more Death Race than Mad Max) and primarily design for Matchbox / Hot Wheels or 1/72 scale vehicles.  It was released by Osprey Publishing at the end of 2017 in their familiar ‘pocket money’ priced 64 page softback format.  The game is well supported via it’s own dedicated website which includes free supplementary material, videos, forum, downloads and online store.  There’s an official online vehicle designer application and several other unofficial tools available.  The game does require some special templates, dice and other accessories which can be bought from the official website, via a global network of manufacturers or you can do what I did, and 3D print your own.

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3D Printed 28mm Panzer IV

At a recent club meeting we were discussing the quality of 3D printed tanks in 28mm scale. There are a lot of freely available print files for 10mm and 15mm scale models which are typically either single piece or small number of pieces but when it comes to larger scales you can’t reliably get a decent level of detail without a multi-part kit.

Following their successful Kickstarter campaign, Canadian company 3D Wargaming have now released a range of 3D printable covering a selection of common WWII and modern vehicles as well as some sci-fi and alternate history ones. I’ve been keen to give What a Tanker a go for a while but don’t currently have any suitable models so I thought it was an ideal opportunity to fire up the printer and have a go and printing the icon Panzer IV to see what the quality was like.

The download for this particular model includes 33 individual STL files and there’s a simple exploded diagram on the publisher’s website but no further instructions so, being in a hurry to set up the print overnight, I just decided to print one of each file which just about fit onto the 20cm x 20cm print bed of my Ultimaker 2+ with a bit of rotating and jiggling around.

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Star Wars Legion Unboxing

I have to confess that I’ve never been a huge fan of the Star Wars movie franchise (except maybe “The Empire Strikes Back”) but yet the new Star Wars Legion miniatures game was still on my list of most anticipated games for 2018 and I picked up the core set of on the day after release. This wasn’t due to amazing reviews of the models or rules but simply because I’ve got a history of buying into games (in terms of both cost and effort) that are a bit obscure and then struggling to find regular opponents and if there’s one thing that’s for certain about this game, it’s that I won’t be short of people to play with in the immediate future.

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Introduction to Baroque Rules (15mm ECW)

A project which has been on the back-burner for some considerable time is my 10mm ECW armies and part of the reason the project stalled was my difficulty in finding a suitable set of rules that gave the right period flavour.

While discussing this predicament with a friend, he kindly offered to give me an introductory game of his preferred rules for the period, Baroque, using 15mm figures from his collection.  Baroque are published by Dadi & Piombo from Italy and are based on their popular Impetus ancients rules (which I’d not previously played either)

Paul provided lists and figures for both armies which were approximately 600 points each (the standard size game for Baroque) and I choose Parliamentarian.  Since the game was an introduction to the rules, the army lists were slightly fudged to accommodate a wider variety of troops and the Parliamentarian army had a few more points.  We decided to forgo the usual pre-game procedure for terrain setup and just mutually agreed a simple and roughly symmetrical terrain layout.  Photos are all from my (Parliamentarian) perspective.

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Dead Man’s Hand First Play

Dead Man’s Hand is a set of wild west skirmish rules published by Great Escape Games in 2013.  I’ve had an unread copy on my shelves for some time so when a friend mentioned it was a set he was looking at, I thought it was about time to dust it off and give it a go.  I still had some wild west buildings in my collection but I’d previously sold my wild west figures so needed to order some more ahead of our game.

I knew Paul had some outlaws so I choose to order a Lawmen gang from Tabletop Empires and they arrived the day before we were due to play so we both made do with unpainted miniatures on this occasion.  Over the course of an afternoon we played out one of the mini-campaigns from the rules  (called a series) – “The Good, The Lead & The Ugly” which comprised of three escalating linked scenarios (called scenes).

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Gloomhaven First Play

Gloomhaven is an intimidating game.  To start with, it weighs in at nearly 10 Kg so just handling it is a challenge and then there’s the fact that there are about 1,500 components in the box, not to mention the extensive rulebooks and mysterious sealed items.  The price tag is pretty hefty too at around AUD 180-200 so other than an awful lot of cardboard, what are you getting for your money?

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First Look: Forager Napoleonic Skirmish Game

Despite having been a historical wargamer for about 30 years now, I’ve rather surprisingly never previously owned any Napoleonic miniatures.  I’d played a few games over the years but could never quite bring myself to start collecting an army in my preferred big-battle scale of 10mm figures.  It’s a period of history with a vast amount of detail for a wargamer to immerse themselves into and, frankly, a lot of scope for pedantry over using the correct facings, buttons and flags for specific units at specific battles and that’s always been something which has put me off getting started.

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