Baroque 15mm ECW

It’s been a long time coming, but after my introduction to Baroque for English Civil War battles earlier this year, I was recently able to play a second game.  Rohan had not played before so Paul provided the figures and guided us through the rules.  It was a 700 point game with no particular scenario or historical reference and I choose the Parliament force, leaving Rohan the Royalists.

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Introduction to Baroque Rules (15mm ECW)

A project which has been on the back-burner for some considerable time is my 10mm ECW armies and part of the reason the project stalled was my difficulty in finding a suitable set of rules that gave the right period flavour.

While discussing this predicament with a friend, he kindly offered to give me an introductory game of his preferred rules for the period, Baroque, using 15mm figures from his collection.  Baroque are published by Dadi & Piombo from Italy and are based on their popular Impetus ancients rules (which I’d not previously played either)

Paul provided lists and figures for both armies which were approximately 600 points each (the standard size game for Baroque) and I choose Parliamentarian.  Since the game was an introduction to the rules, the army lists were slightly fudged to accommodate a wider variety of troops and the Parliamentarian army had a few more points.  We decided to forgo the usual pre-game procedure for terrain setup and just mutually agreed a simple and roughly symmetrical terrain layout.  Photos are all from my (Parliamentarian) perspective.

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