Return to the Frozen City

After a fairly long break, we recently had a three player Frostgrave game at the club to introduce a new player and get back into the swing of things.

We just played a very simple scenario with each player placing three chests and played until they had all been claimed and carried off the table.  The first eight chests all got grabbed pretty quickly and then we had a crazy protracted three way tug of war which involved a lot of Mind Control and Blinding Light spells with very high casting rolls so they were difficult to shake off.  Although it was initially pretty amusing, we really should have had some time limit on the game as none of us wanted to give up the last chest and since it wasn’t part of a campaign, our soldiers were all expendable.

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Spellcaster Magazine Issue 2 (Print)

Spellcaster is the official magazine of Frostgrave and Ghost Archipelago written by the author of both games (Joseph A. McCullough) and published via Wargames Vault.  Issue 1 was available as a PDF only but issue 2 is available in both PDF and print on demand format and has had a fairly substantial graphic design makeover.  I enjoyed the first issue so thought I would try out the print version this time as it was only slightly more expensive.  Shipping for several books was fairly reasonable but did take nearly four weeks to arrive in Australia.

The print edition is A5 sized and contains 36 pages of contents with full colour photos and design elements throughout.  The cover is fairly thick glossy card and the interior paper is reasonable quality but some of the internal colour has a slightly washed out approach, which I think is due to the printing technology used.

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