Lord of the Rings SAGA

It was a few months ago now, but earlier this year we had a four player game of SAGA using fan-published battle boards for Lord of the Rings.  The battle boards are available for download from here and were designed for use with the first edition of SAGA so needed some minor adjustments to make them work with the second edition.

It was a four player game with Elves & Rohan facing off against Mordor & Isengard and Tony supplying all the beautifully painted miniatures from his extensive collection.  Each player had eight points of figures and I choose Mordor, mainly because I thought the trolls would be fun to play!

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SAGA Anglo-Danes

I met up with a friend for a game of SAGA last weekend and we tried something a bit different by playing with each other’s armies.

It was a four point game with Paul using my Normans (Mounted Warlord, 8x Mounted Hearthguard, 8x Mounted Warriors, 12x Levy with Bows) while I had Anglo-Danes (Warlord with Dane Axe, 4x Hearthguard, 16x Warriors, 12x Levy Bows).  We played the standard scenario from the back of the latest rulebook (I really hope they hurry up with the Book of Battles supplement) with the added twists of some units starting with a point of fatigue and deployment across a diagonal.

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SAGA Vikings vs Normans (6 Points)

It’s been a while since our first try of SAGA 2nd Edition, but at the club today Rohan and I went back for a second game, this time at the standard size of 6 points. As before, I took Normans and Rohan Vikings and we just played the basic “Clash of Warlords” scenario from the new rulebook.

I still haven’t got round to re-basing the large collection of Normans I bought last year so I’m a bit limited for options so I went with 24x levy bows, 8x warrior crossbows, 8x mounted warriors and 8x mounted hearthguard with a standard warlord. Vikings have very few options so Rohan chose 32x warriors, 4x berserkers and the legendary warlord, Ragnar Lothbrok who benefits from Resilience (2), grants Determined units within S at the start of the Activation phase and generates two SAGA dice instead of one.

I still haven’t got round to finishing off the bases for some of these figures – must try harder!

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